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Eagle Creek Park Crit

2017-04-08 - Indianapolis, IN

Rider Category Place
Doug BurtonCat 1-37
David RoseCat 1-36
Brendan CantyCat 1-333
Jim BeersCat 1-336
Charles CampbellCat 3/48
Brendan CantyCat 3/417
Jim BeersCat 3/434
Jim BeersMasters 35+4
Brendan CantyMasters 35+5

Race Report By - Brendan Canty

Drove up to Indy with Jim and Charles. Raced the old, slow Masters 35+ 3/4/5, the 3/4's, and the 1/2/3's. Masters we screwed up, plain and simply. End up 4th (Jim) and 5th (me). For the 3/4's we were supposed to work for Charles. And I did...for a bit. Then I got the harebrained idea of trying to bridge to a 2 man break with about 8 laps to go. Stayed away for 4-5 laps, but never bridged. Toasted my legs. No help to Charles. Sorry. Charles finished 8th, I was 17th, Jim was 34th. Did the 1/2/3's immediately afterward. Went around. Finished 33rd, Jim was 36th.

Race Report By - Doug Burton

I love this course (pancake flat and nearly a perfect circle). From the pre-reg list, Rose and I knew we need to watch a couple guys (Jarrett from FIB and JJ from Giant) who could ride away in a break. Alex from TRH day-of'd so we added him to the list. Sure enough, Jarrett went off the front on lap 1. Rose was immediately on his wheel. A lap later, I was on the front trying to set false tempo let them get away. A couple laps later, Rose can back to us and Alex launched to bridge up to Jarrett. A majority of the rest of the race was some guys trying to bridge (not going happen with those 2 powerhouses up the road) and some of us (smart people) trying to organize a real chase. We got it under 20 seconds but the guys jumping kept throwing it off. Finally with 2 to go, things started to line out for the sprint. Thanks to some wheel chopping, Rose and I got split. I sat 6th-7th wheel (about 10th on the road with a last lap flyer getting away). In the final straight, I couldn't get inside (out of the wind) and had to eat the wind into sprint. Finished 7th overall (in the money).

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