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Jun 28 Ault Park #5 Sam Janes Field
Jun 28 Ault Park #5 Royden Kern Field
Jun 21 Ault Park #4 David Rose 10
Jun 17 River City Classic Charles Campbell 17
Jun 17 River City Classic Brendan Canty 28

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Race Report for River City Classic by Charles Campbell, June 17, 2017

Jumped in with Brendan and headed up to Evansville IN, for the River City which I had enjoyed the year before. Thought it would be the same this year. Not to be...

Felt a little off on the way up there and was lethargic warming up. Had an easy first race in the 4/5, sat in top 5 the whole way and only hard to make a couple of moves to keep with any breaks. Felt good into the last 2 laps when 2 guys made a break. Caught back up with them with half a lap left. They both suddenly blew up leaving me on the front on the uphill into the wind and that was where I wanted to be. Tried to keep everyone working and hold them off in the sprint. Didn't work, as I had done too much on the back side. Finished 5th which I was really disappointed with. Went there wanting a win.

3/4 field was much stronger than I anticipated. Clarksville had all their guys there and Dans Comp also had 6 guys in the field. Fast opening 15 mins, I was hoping a few would go off the front and the field would slow as I was still recovering from my previous race. About 18 guys went off the front and I worked really hard to stay with them. On the Prime lap they all hammered it and I was on the breaking point so decided not to die and just soft pedal and join the second pack of about 20 riders. What I didn't realize was all those riders had been pulled from the race. Rode 5-6 laps on my own before being pulled. I was annoyed, as Doug always said on Tuesdays "blow up before you sit up". Should have listened.

Disappointing day but at least I stayed rubber side down.

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